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My Camera Gear

My Camera Gear

“What kind camera do you use?” It’s the question I get asked most often. And the answer might surprise you. While I do own a nice mid-range camera, it’s not something that costs thousands of dollars. (Although if someone wanted to buy me a top-of-the-line camera, I wouldn’t say no. […]

Rainbow Color Hunt

It’s a situation I’ve been in before… I was hoping to spend a nice, quiet Saturday morning tidying up around the house when, as usual, my children had other plans. As soon as their tiny feet hit the floor they started conspiring against me by murmuring words like “PlayDoh”, “painting”, and […]

Creative Class Auction Projects

4 Creative Class Auction Projects

It’s that time of year again… FUNDRAISING SEASON! PTAs and planning committees far and wide are getting together and trying to raise money for a very worthy cause: their schools! We’re quite fortunate that our school only has one large fundraising event every year. We don’t have to sell cupcakes, […]

5 Things to do Before Your Baby is Born

I’m an avid researcher. When a topic interests me I’ll read books, lookup articles, and get insights from experts. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise, when I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I researched the topic of “things to do before your baby is born” nonstop. […]

All About You Birthday Poster

All About You Birthday Posters

Let’s be real for a minute. Kids love birthdays…but only if it’s *their* birthday. And honestly, it’s been a bit of a problem in our house. My daughter gets super excited when she hears the word “birthday”, and automatically assumes we’re talking about her birthday. Within minutes she’s making a […]

WATCH: Acts of Kindness for Kids

I was invited to be on Paula Sands Live last week to share my acts of kindness ideas for kids. This topic is dear to my heart, and I love sharing new ideas on teaching children how to incorporate kindness into their every day lives. I was so excited to […]

WATCH: Creative Birthday Ideas

I was invited onto Paula Sands Live this week to share creative birthday ideas for kids. And I was a hot mess. Literally, a hot and sweaty mess (studio lights give off so much heat!). Anyway, back to the important stuff here – I shared all of my recent ideas […]

Birthday Bubble Poster

Birthday Bubble Poster

There is a new trend among parents to spend $500 – $1000 on a child’s first birthday. $1000 people. Now, before I get accused of “mom shaming” let me say this; my only wish for everyone in this world is to be happy. So if spending $1000 on a birthday […]