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First and Last Day of School Signs

Printable First Day of School Signs (and Bonus Photo Ideas)

I’ll never forget my first day of school! The excitement, new back pack, crisp, clean notebooks… And, of course, the first day of school photo my Mom took every year! The “first day of school” photo was a tradition in our house. I look back on those photos now and can still […]

Income Report


Part of me can’t believe I’m doing this… Below is my July income and traffic report, along with a recap of my July goals. Something you should know about me – I *hate* feeling vulnerable. HATE it. I don’t want others to see me as weak, or unqualified. And I certainly […]

First Day of School Poster

First Day of School Poster

Hi gang! The first day of school is right around the corner. Which means, in a few short weeks, first day of school photos will flood our social media accounts. (Personally, I love to see all of the back to school pictures!) I noticed last year, almost everyone used some […]

Blogging Goals

BLOG GOALS | August 2017

Let me tell you – writing down my goals has been a game changer. Last month I decided to publicly post my blogging goals for motivation (read it here). I also wrote my goals down the old fashioned way – as in, with pen and paper – and posted them […]

Letter of the Week

Letter of the Week Series: Letters G+H

Week four of our summer “letter of the week” series, and we covered the letters “G” and “H”. Last week I had a reader ask, “When do you do these activities with your children?” Honestly, it’s different every week. If the kids are at home during the day we do […]

Letter of the Week

Letter of the Week Series: Letters E+F

This week, for our summer homework series, we covered the letters “E” and “F”. On our family calendar I had written “ef” – so my son kept walking around saying “Effffff”, which was slightly embarrassing, but…whatever. Since this is our third week of these activities, I don’t feel the need […]

Birthday Compli-mats

Compli-mats {Free Download}

Question: What do you get when you combine a compliment and a place mat? Answer: A *compli-mat*. (Ba-dum-ching!) It sounds like a lame joke – but it’s actually a fun (and practical) activity! I created this project as a way to teach my children how to point out the positives […]