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Creative Class Auction Projects

4 Creative Class Auction Projects

It’s that time of year again… FUNDRAISING SEASON! PTAs and planning committees far and wide are getting together and trying to raise money for a very worthy cause: their schools! We’re quite fortunate that our school only has one large fundraising event every year. We don’t have to sell cupcakes, […]


5 Things to do Before Your Baby is Born

I’m an avid researcher. When a topic interests me I’ll read books, lookup articles, and get insights from experts. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise, when I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I researched the topic of “things to do before your baby is born” nonstop. […]

Income Report

INCOME REPORT | February 2018

This month was an emotional roller coaster. I worked hard. Really, really, REALLY hard. And I didn’t see an increase in revenue. I also did something risky this month: I was offered two freelance opportunities to make $2,000 of additional income… AND I TURNED THEM BOTH DOWN. You may be […]

All About You Birthday Poster

All About You Birthday Posters

Let’s be real for a minute. Kids love birthdays…but only if it’s *their* birthday. And honestly, it’s been a bit of a problem in our house. My daughter gets super excited when she hears the word “birthday”, and automatically assumes we’re talking about her birthday. Within minutes she’s making a […]


WATCH: Acts of Kindness for Kids

I was invited to be on Paula Sands Live last week to share my acts of kindness ideas for kids. This topic is dear to my heart, and I love sharing new ideas on teaching children how to incorporate kindness into their every day lives. I was so excited to […]


WATCH: Creative Birthday Ideas

I was invited onto Paula Sands Live this week to share creative birthday ideas for kids. And I was a hot mess. Literally, a hot and sweaty mess (studio lights give off so much heat!). Anyway, back to the important stuff here – I shared all of my recent ideas […]