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INCOME REPORT | August 2017

Last month I shared my first monthly income report. And it was hard. Much harder than I thought it would be. Yet, here I am again this month – sharing all the highs and lows.  Although it’s a little less stressful this time around – it’s still not easy! I […]

Show and Tell List from A to Z

Show & Tell Ideas {from A to Z}

For the last three years my children have had to bring a “Show and Tell” item to school every week. And each week, their show and tell had to start with a specific letter. Every-single-week I thought, “we’ll plan ahead next time and be more prepared”. And, just like clockwork, […]

Snack Ideas (from A to Z)

Snack Ideas {from A to Z}

If you have a preschooler or Kindergartner, you may know the agony of trying to find a snack idea that correlates with the “Letter of the Week” curriculum. While our schools never required this, it was always suggested as a fun activity. But how many snacks start with the letter […]

Income Report


Part of me can’t believe I’m doing this… Below is my July income and traffic report, along with a recap of my July goals. Something you should know about me – I *hate* feeling vulnerable. HATE it. I don’t want others to see me as weak, or unqualified. And I certainly […]

First Day of School Poster

First Day of School Poster

Hi gang! The first day of school is right around the corner. Which means, in a few short weeks, first day of school photos will flood our social media accounts. (Personally, I love to see all of the back to school pictures!) I noticed last year, almost everyone used some […]

Blogging Goals

BLOG GOALS | August 2017

Let me tell you – writing down my goals has been a game changer. Last month I decided to publicly post my blogging goals for motivation (read it here). I also wrote my goals down the old fashioned way – as in, with pen and paper – and posted them […]