Author: Becca

2/4/15 Valentine's Day Ideas, 2015, AS SEEN ON..., CREATE, Paula Sands Live, VALENTINES DAY

Valentine’s Day Sun Catchers

My son currently loves the Charlie Brown Valentine’s Day movie. And since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, he asked if we could decorate “every single room and wall” for Valentine’s Day. That seemed a bit ambitious, so I asked if he’d settle for a Valentine’s Day sun catcher for our window – thankfully, he […]


Baby Graham | Newborn

Baby Graham is probably the most content newborn I’ve ever worked with. I always laugh when people say, “It’s a newborn photo shoot – how hard can it be?” Trust me, between dirty diapers, constant feedings, and unpredictable spit up explosions, it can be very, very difficult. Thankfully, sweet Graham made this […]


Bohlmann Family | Maternity

Meet Scott and Lynda. Two of my closest friends, back from our college days (go Panthers!). What you see on the surface is a beautiful couple. They are kind, in love, and beyond excited to expand their family. What’s hiding beneath the surface is heartache. I still remember the day Lynda told me […]


Shumate Family

I consider it a great honor when another photographer asks me to take their family photo. Intimidating, but an honor! Mallory was the photographer at my brother’s wedding (she’s very talented – you can find her work here: Mallory’s Photography). When she contacted me she said she had a great location […]