Birthday Compli-mats

Compli-mats {Free Download}

Question: What do you get when you combine a compliment and a place mat? Answer: A *compli-mat*. (Ba-dum-ching!) It sounds like a lame joke – but it’s actually a fun (and practical) activity! I created this project as a way to teach my children how to point out the positives […]

Birthday Poster

Birthday Posters

Do you love freebies as much as I do…? I hope so! Because I’m sharing a BIG one with you today! When my daughter turned four in May, my son asked if we could make her a “big” birthday poster. And he meant BIG. Actually, his exact words were, “Can we […]

Birthday Countdown Poster Who Arted

Birthday Countdown Poster

Okay, this has to be one of the COOLEST birthday countdowns we’ve ever done! Just look at his face – that is one happy kiddo! I was randomly surfing the Internet one night when I came across this free, downloadable birthday countdown poster. I thought it was too good to be […]

Birthday Cake Countdown Chain

Birthday Cake Countdown Chain {Free Download}

There are five seasons in our household: summer, fall, winter, spring, and…birthday season. Birthday season is a ten week span sandwiched in between spring and summer where we have fourteen family birthdays. That’s right, FOURTEEN. Besides spending a small fortune on gifts, birthday season is characterized by parties, cakes, and attempting to […]


Candy Gram Birthday Card {printable}

Two weeks ago I posted a Birthday Candy Gram and I’ve gotten several requests for more templates. Well ask and you shall receive! Here is a second candy gram that reads: {Extra}!! {Extra}!! {Extra}!! It’s your BIRTHDAY! You are such a {Sweetart} and you always make us {Laffy Taff}! We could […]


Mail a Birthday Garland!

My Mother-in-Law’s birthday is fast approaching. Since we live in different states, I wanted to mail her something special to help her count down to her big day. With a little help from my toddler, we made her a birthday countdown garland! (You can get detailed instructions on this project and print my […]


A Year of Dates

I love spending time with my children. And I often have a lot of “Mommy guilt” for not giving them my undivided attention. Between housework, cell phones, work, meal preparation, and social responsibilities, I struggle to find time when I can give each child my complete, undivided attention. To help set aside this […]


Birthday Countdown Garland

Alright, let’s be honest… It’s well established how much I love countdowns. (Need proof? Click here, or here, or here.) I’ve been trying to think of a fun birthday countdown for my Dad for awhile now. After weeks of brainstorming, I finally came up with… A Birthday Garland! So, here we […]


Birthday Envelope Countdown

There are 33 short days between my daughter and son’s birthdays. Right when I finish one party, I get to turn around and plan another. What does this mean for you? More freebies! If I’m doing all this work, I might as well share it with everyone! To countdown to my […]


Birthday Memory Cards

I love celebrations. I love hand written notes. And I love memory keeping. And this idea combines all of my favorite things! For my daughter’s birthday, I created these adorable Birthday Memory Cards. At her party I asked her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins to fill one out. Then we […]


Birthday Countdown

We do a countdown for everything around here. Holidays, special occasions, vacations… You name it! My daughter’s first birthday was no exception. It wouldn’t be an Armstrong birthday without a birthday countdown! What is a birthday countdown? It’s quite simple: we take pictures each day, for ten days, leading up […]