Father’s Day Handprint Card

Father’s Day is twelve days away. I know it’s a little early, but I wanted to share a free printable with you to help you celebrate. And, if you’re a busy mom like me, you appreciate crossing items off your list. (I’d be lost without my lists!) For this printable, all […]


Father’s Day Shoes Printable

Looking for a quick, easy and fun Father’s Day gift? Try our free “Following in My Daddy’s Shoes” printable! This simple project is easy enough for any age, and will make a great keepsake for Dad (or Grandpa!). To make your own, just print our free Father’s Day template (click on the gray […]


Father’s Day Coloring Pages

Did you really think I’d leave the Dads out? NO WAY! I made Mother’s Day coloring pages last month (find them here!). We had so much fun coloring them I had to make some for Father’s Day! This is the perfect Father’s Day gift from small children; and it’s easy enough for babies, toddlers and preschoolers! […]


Compliment Cards

Did you know June 1st is “Say Something Nice Day”? In an ideal world, every day would be Say Something Nice Day. But the reality is we could all use a little reminder to talk about the positives, rather than the negatives. I like to think of this day as a […]


Birthday Countdown Garland

Alright, let’s be honest… It’s well established how much I love countdowns. (Need proof? Click here, or here, or here.) I’ve been trying to think of a fun birthday countdown for my Dad for awhile now. After weeks of brainstorming, I finally came up with… A Birthday Garland! So, here we […]


Birthday Envelope Countdown

There are 33 short days between my daughter and son’s birthdays. Right when I finish one party, I get to turn around and plan another. What does this mean for you? More freebies! If I’m doing all this work, I might as well share it with everyone! To countdown to my […]


Birthday Memory Cards

I love celebrations. I love hand written notes. And I love memory keeping. And this idea combines all of my favorite things! For my daughter’s birthday, I created these adorable Birthday Memory Cards. At her party I asked her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins to fill one out. Then we […]


Birthday Countdown

We do a countdown for everything around here. Holidays, special occasions, vacations… You name it! My daughter’s first birthday was no exception. It wouldn’t be an Armstrong birthday without a birthday countdown! What is a birthday countdown? It’s quite simple: we take pictures each day, for ten days, leading up […]


First Birthday Crib Party!

My daughter turned one on May 1st (seriously, where does the time go?). We had a birthday party planned for the weekend, but we wanted to do something fun the morning of her birthday. So we decided to throw her a Crib Party! What is a Crib Party? Basically, we threw […]


Printable May Day Tags

I love May Day (and not just because it’s my daughter’s birthday). What I love about it is the celebration of giving. You leave a small gift on someone’s door step, ring the doorbell and run away. No strings attached. Just a simple act of kindness. There’s something beautiful about that! […]


May Day Cones (and Free Template!)

May Day is a celebration of spring. And after the winter we’ve had – who isn’t ready for spring?! This holiday is a great excuse to ding dong ditch your neighbors, family and friends. (I promise, they’ll thank you for it!) These are the colorful May Day cones my children and I put together […]


iPhone Photo Case (Great Mother’s Day Gift!)

Every year Mother’s Day sneaks up on me. And every year I feel an insane amount of pressure to find the perfect gift. Being a mother is hard. The sleepless nights, constant giving, and unconditional love and attention… How could you possibly say “thank you” for all of that? But this […]