Baby Graham | Newborn

Baby Graham is probably the most content newborn I’ve ever worked with. I always laugh when people say, “It’s a newborn photo shoot – how hard can it be?” Trust me, between dirty diapers, constant feedings, and unpredictable spit up explosions, it can be very, very difficult. Thankfully, sweet Graham made this […]


Bohlmann Family | Maternity

Meet Scott and Lynda. Two of my closest friends, back from our college days (go Panthers!). What you see on the surface is a beautiful couple. They are kind, in love, and beyond excited to expand their family. What’s hiding beneath the surface is heartache. I still remember the day Lynda told me […]


Shumate Family

I consider it a great honor when another photographer asks me to take their family photo. Intimidating, but an honor! Mallory was the photographer at my brother’s wedding (she’s very talented – you can find her work here: Mallory’s Photography). When she contacted me she said she had a great location […]


Nichols Family

When Samantha contacted me to take some photos of her family, I was really looking forward to getting in one more session with the beautiful fall leaves. But the weeks went on, the leaves began to fall, and I woke up the morning of our session to find a chilly, gray, and windy […]


Rathje Family

Josh and I grew up across the street from each other. In fact, I have a photo of us huddled under an umbrella walking to our first day of school. We graduated the same year and did what most neighbors do – move around, get jobs and start families of our own. When he contacted […]


Markey Family

I’ve done family photo shoots before for my family and friends, but I’ve never been asked to shoot for someone I didn’t know. When this adorable family contacted me I was excited to work with them, but also a little nervous. I knew it was going to be good when Megan told […]