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Super Bowl Sunday Who Arted

How to watch the Super Bowl with Kids

Let’s talk about Super Bowl Sunday, shall we? If your family is anything like ours, the adults are usually pretty excited to see the game and there’s a lot of preparation that goes into it: food, drinks, inviting friends over, making sure there’s ample space for all involved… But your […]

Blog Income Report, January 2018 Who Arted

INCOME REPORT | January 2018

This was definitely a building month for me. Historically, January tends to be a slow month – both in traffic and income. I imagine it’s partly because it follows the holiday season and not a lot of people are out spending money. All that aside, I’m still really happy with […]

Best Face Paint for Moms + Kids Who Arted

The Best Face Paint for Moms + Kids

We’ve been using a lot of face paint lately, and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it on my social media accounts. So I thought I’d save everyone some time and write a quick post about the basics of face painting for moms. Please know up front – […]

DIY Rainbow Photo Collage

DIY Rainbow Photo Collage

This project has been a long time in the making. I’m so guilty of taking beautiful photographs year-round and NEVER printing them. I’m talking no prints, no photo books, no collages, n-o-t-h-i-n-g. Look at this cuties! Why wouldn’t I print them?! I decided it was probably time to start changing […]

A Note to all Tired Parents

This is an *actual* conversation I had this week. A wise person once said, “Being a parent means going to bed tired and waking up even more tired.” Nothing truer has been said. In the Who Arted house we are losing a sleep battle to a teething baby, a little […]

Birthday Cake Photo Poster

Birthday Cake Photo Poster {Download}

My baby turned one this weekend (and we’d better move onto the next topic before I get emotional), HOWEVER, I did come up with a lot of fun, new projects in order to celebrate her birthday in the grandest way possible. One of those projects was this birthday cake photo […]

Acts of Kindness Challenge: Day 24

Acts of Kindness Challenge, Day 24: Draw a picture for someone. My daughter was the star of today’s show! She wanted to get her teachers a small Christmas gift, so we threw some homemade goodies into a brown paper bag, and she decorated the outside of the bag with, what […]

Mail Carrier Thank You Card

We love our mail carrier! Seriously – she is a lovely person. Always waving, smiling, offering to help…just the best! And we want her to know how we feel! So we made a “Thanks for driving Miles & Miles to bring us our mail” card and attached it to a […]

Acts of Kindness Challenge: Day 23

Acts of Kindness Challenge, Day 23: Tape quarters on a gumball stand. Did you love candy vending machines when you were young? I couldn’t get enough of them! Unfortunately, I never seemed to have a quarter on me when I saw one. Luckily, my grandfather always saved the day by […]

We Rock’d This Weekend

We rock’d this weekend. Like, literally, rocked. My daughter and I painted a bunch of rocks and threw them around our neighborhood as part of my Acts of Kindness Challenge. (You can view the challenge here.) I wanted to post some pictures of our rocks to give a few ideas […]

Acts of Kindness Challenge: Day 21

Acts of Kindness Challenge, Day 21: Hang up candy. Today’s act of kindness was inspired by my aunt, who always went out of her way to give me candy when I was a little girl – even when my parents say “no”. I created this “Make Someone Smile Today” flyer, […]

Acts of Kindness Challenge: Day 20

Acts of Kindness Challenge, Day 20: Donate to a GoFundMe page. Alright people, today got gross…really, really, REALLY gross. I was up all night with the stomach flu and I severely apologize for how I look in this video – HOWEVER – I still managed to get in my act […]