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Goal Planner and Tracker


Can I get real with you? Sometimes my life gets busy. Crazy busy. As in three-kids-running-around-and-I’m-so-exhausted-I-haven’t-showered-in-three-days busy. And lately I’ve found myself settling into a “priority” routine. A routine where I get all of the “must dos” checked off my list:  feed the kids, laundry, play with the kids, laundry, […]

Letter of the Week

Letter of the Week Series: Letters A+B

Let me start by saying I’m a “mean Mom” who makes her kids do homework over the summer. Actually, to be fair, I don’t “make” them do anything – they love doing homework! In fact, as soon as my daughter woke up today she asked, “Can I do my homework […]

Birthday Countdown Poster Who Arted

Birthday Countdown Poster

Okay, this has to be one of the COOLEST birthday countdowns we’ve ever done! Just look at his face – that is one happy kiddo! I was randomly surfing the Internet one night when I came across this free, downloadable birthday countdown poster. I thought it was too good to be […]

Teacher Appreciation Superhero

Teacher Appreciation Week {Tuesday}

It’s day two of Teacher Appreciation Week and I’m sharing a “Super” way to say thank you! Actually, if I’m being honest, my son is sharing. I was searching Pinterest for teacher gift ideas and he saw this one and immediately begged to try it. So…here we are! I found this idea […]

Traceable Teacher Appreciation Thank You Card {Free Printable}

Traceable Teacher Appreciation Thank You {printable}

Last week we made these thank you letters for my son’s Kindergarten teachers (read about it here): My daughter (who’s in preschool) wanted to make one for her teachers too, but these were a little advanced for her… Thanks to the Internet and some amazingly creative, talented, and generous moms out there – […]

Teacher Appreciation Week Amazon Gift Card

Teacher Appreciation Week {Monday}

Here’s a friendly reminder: Teacher Appreciation Week is next week! Let’s take a moment to talk about teachers…because they are AMAZING!! They spend more waking hours of the day with our children then we do. Talk about making an impression on someone! We are going to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week by giving […]