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Dave Matthews Band Scrapbook

Greg and I love Dave Matthews Band concerts. We’ve been to several (I think combined we’ve been to over 80). They are the one thing we spend money on and really look forward to every year. And who wouldn’t? We get to travel, visit our friends all over the United States and see great musicians […]

Baby Book – Letters from Mom and Dad

When I brought Casey home from the hospital everyone told me to cherish every single moment, good and bad, because children grow quickly… And they were absolutely right! And being completely sleep deprived for the first year, I was afraid I would forget a lot of those funny, everyday moments. So, to capture those memories for Casey (and to […]

Dear Hailey – A Scrapbook for my Niece

I was so excited when my brother and sister-in-law told me they were expecting. I’ll never forget where I was when they told me or how happy I felt for them! I knew right away I wanted to do something special for my future niece/nephew so I started making a scrapbook. Every […]