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Shumate Family

I consider it a great honor when another photographer asks me to take their family photo. Intimidating, but an honor! Mallory was the photographer at my brother’s wedding (she’s very talented – you can find her work here: Mallory’s Photography). When she contacted me she said she had a great location […]

Nichols Family

When Samantha contacted me to take some photos of her family, I was really looking forward to getting in one more session with the beautiful fall leaves. But the weeks went on, the leaves began to fall, and I woke up the morning of our session to find a chilly, gray, and windy […]

A Week In the Life 2014 | SATURDAY

Day 6 of 7 in my “Week in the Life” project. One crammed Saturday! 6:30AM | ALARM + MORNING ROUTINE. I hit snooze three times before finally putting my feet on the ground. (Which is extremely typical – I am not a morning person.) But once I’m in an up-right position, there’s […]

A Week In the Life 2014 | FRIDAY

Day 5 of 7 in my “Week in the Life” project. This day was full of Halloween surprises, family time, and a live appearance on a local TV show. 7:17AM | BREAKFAST. Toast with “pee-nuh but-ta”. 7:48AM | HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We took a quick photo before driving the kids to […]

A Week In the Life 2014 | THURSDAY

Day 4 of 7 in my “Week in the Life” project. I’m starting to learn there is no such thing as a typical day at our house. Today we celebrated a 1/2 birthday, went trick-or-treating, and attended a preschool party. 7:07AM | GOOD MORNING! Toast, watermelon, and juice. A great way to start the day. […]

A Week In the Life 2014 | WEDNESDAY

Day 3 of 7 in my “Week in the Life” project. Megaphones, baking, and iPhones – oh my! A typical Wednesday in our house. 7:21AM | GOOD MORNING! A baby yelling into a megaphone is, strangely enough, pretty routine around here. 7:59AM | WASH. I usually wash our bedding every Thursday. […]

A Week In the Life 2014 | TUESDAY

Day 2 of 7 in my “Week in the Life” project. Just another Tuesday for the Armstrong family. (Total photos taken: 163) 7:15AM | PLANNING THE DAY. The first thing I do when I wake up: check our family calendar. Tuesday’s are usually the busiest day of the week for us, and this […]