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Wave Parade

We needed to get out today. (Don’t we all?) So we made a list of family and friends we missed and did a surprise “wave parade”. We told all four kiddos to grab a beverage and loaded up the van. Then we drove around to their friends houses (we texted […]

So Lucky Rainbow Craftivity

There’s a lot of talk lately about what we don’t have, we thought it would be fun to remember the things we still DO have. So we put together these colorful creations to hang in our dining room. (And we thought a St. Patrick’s Day project was needed since school […]

Heart Hunters

We put up our hearts today!  If you aren’t a member of the Facebook group “Heart Hunters” yet, it’s a public group you can join. The main purpose is to put a heart in your window, door, or anywhere else so people (particularly kids, but really anyone) can see as […]

Chalk the Walk BINGO

Spread some cheer to your neighborhood by decorating the sidewalks with Chalk the Walk BINGO! There are many ways to play! And everyone wins because the sidewalk will be filled with positivity by the end of the game. I created four BINGO cards and a set of prompts you can […]

100 Reasons to Bee Happy

There are lots of scary things in our face 24/7… Hopefully this will be a ray of sunshine! Last night, our family of six sat around a table and wrote down 100 things that make us smile – or 100 reasons to be happy. Some are silly, some are genuine, […]

Creative Class Auction Projects

4 Creative Class Auction Projects

It’s that time of year again… FUNDRAISING SEASON! PTAs and planning committees far and wide are getting together and trying to raise money for a very worthy cause: their schools! We’re quite fortunate that our school only has one large fundraising event every year. We don’t have to sell cupcakes, […]