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Can I get real with you? Sometimes my life gets busy. Crazy busy. As in three-kids-running-around-and-I’m-so-exhausted-I-haven’t-showered-in-three-days busy.

And lately I’ve found myself settling into a “priority” routine. A routine where I get all of the “must dos” checked off my list:  feed the kids, laundry, play with the kids, laundry, bathe the kids, more laundry. And since raising little people is an extremely demanding job, there is little room in my routine for new things…because, most days, making it to bedtime is challenging enough!

On top of “solo” parenting, I also have a full time job. Both roles are extremely rewarding to me, but some days – if I’m being honest – I want more. So I’ve decided to push aside my comfortable, stagnant routine and set some goals for this month. I outlined the eight areas of wellness, and challenged myself to make a goal in each area – to improve my overall health and well-being.

Goal Planner and Tracker
LifePlanner from Erin Condren.

I even created a goal planning sheet and a tracker so I can keep myself motivated (and more importantly, accountable!). I challenge any one out there to join me in this challenge. You can grab a free copy of my planner and tracker here:

Need some ideas? You can check out my goals for July right here…

Physical Goals

Exercise: I want to complete the 21 Day Fix workout program and a 30-day plank challenge.

Rest + Recovery: I recently saw a massage therapist AND a chiropractor, both of whom told me my back was “all jacked up” (at least I think that was the technical term). My goal is to take 5-minutes a day, preferably right before bed, to do some light stretching and foam rolling.

Occupational Goals

Blogging: I want to spend *at least* one hour a day (weekdays only) working on my blog. Because of my – and my husband’s – work schedules, this has to happen early in the morning or late at night. Regardless, I want to make a habit of carving out that time each day.

Intellectual Goals

Handwriting + Doodling: Okay, I want you to know upfront, I completely understand if you want to make fun of me for this goal (my husband thinks it’s hilarious). My goal for July is to improve my handwriting. I would like to practice writing, doodling, and hand lettering for at least 20-minutes (I told you – it’s okay to laugh!).

Financial Goals

Make Dave Proud!: I’m a pretty transparent person and I have no issues talking to others about money. My husband and I received the Dave Ramsey program as a wedding gift eight years ago and because of it, we’ve been debt free for over four years. That’s right – completely debt free (with the exception of our mortgage). I don’t say this to be braggy, I say this to let everyone know it’s possible! Even with kids! Even with a limited income! My goal is to continue balancing our checkbook, checking our accounts, and staying on top of our budget on a daily basis – and keep pumping money into Baby Step #3! (You can find the book that started our journey to financial freedom here.).

Environmental Goals

Garden: Plants fear me. I can never keep them alive. Ever. That changes this year. I planted four new potted plants in our landscaping, and a tomato plant in our makeshift garden. I want to keep them alive. That may seem easy to you, but for a brown-thumbed person, such as myself, this is going to be a battle.

Emotional Health Goals

Meditation: I want to take five minutes of my day to reflect, and focus on my future goals. (I started using The Five Minute Journal last month and I love the way it makes me feel!! My focus and productivity have tripled because of it!).

Spiritual Health Goals

Gratitude!: I want to write in my gratitude journal every day – noting at least three things I’m grateful for.

Social Goals

Marriage: My husband and I work different shifts. And he often works long hours and weekends. Having a “date night” is usually a once a year luxury. I want to make it a priority to have a date night this month!

Family: I have three children. And I never want them to feel I’m inaccessible to them because of their siblings. My goal is to have a little 1-on-1 time with each child, every single day.

Friends:  Whether it’s coffee, lunch, or meeting for a night out – I want to meet up with at least one friend on a weekly basis. I want to foster the relationships that aren’t based on work, blogging, or my children.

Community: Donate to the “Snacks for Backpacks” box at our church, every single week.

Goal Planner and Tracker
Notebook from Erin Condren.

And that’s it! Some goals are small – others will take some hard work – but I’m excited to see how it all plays out! Check back next month to see what goals I crushed and which ones I tanked! (You can find all goal-related posts here.)

Anyone feel up to sharing their goals for the month? (By the way, my cute notebook and day planner are from Erin Condren. You can grab your own here. The new styles are coming out soon and I can’t wait to see them!)

Goal Planner and Tracker

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