BLOG GOALS | July 2017

Blogging Goals
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This is the first time EVER I’m sharing my blogging goals here at Who Arted. I’ve tossed the idea around before, but found it terrifying to post them publicly. Why? BECAUSE I MIGHT FAIL! And everyone would know I failed! Then I would forever be labeled a BIG, FAT, FAILURE!!

But here’s the reality of my situation… Whether my goals are posted or not – I still might fail. And I probably will in some areas. So, worst case scenario, I learn some valuable lessons and move on. I might as well share those lessons with other bloggers so they can avoid the same mistakes! Right?

So follow along as I push aside my fears and anxiety (I literally just had to take a few deep breaths…) and lay out my goals for July.

Blogging Goals

Content / Creation Goals

Content: Write 2+ new blog posts each week. (I’ve had this goal many times before and always come up short!) Included in this goal, I would like to write my first sponsored post – AND – re-do one post from the past to give it an updated look.

Create: Publish one specialty post (with a free download) and promote on television.

Traffic + Income Goals

Income: July is historically my lowest income-making month. My goal is to bring in at least $500 by updating sidebar ads and checking Google analytics weekly to spot and capitalize on trends.

Pageviews / Analytics: Get 20,742 pageviews this month (double my traffic from last July).

Social Media Goals

Facebook: Post to Facebook every day. I found a 31 Day social media challenge and can’t wait to give some of the ideas a try!

Instagram: Try Instagram’s live video feature and give a behind-the-scenes look to followers at least once a week.

E-mail List: Grow my e-mail list by 30 people – AND – send out my first e-mail in over a year (yikes! I know!). I switched to ConvertKit last month and can’t wait to see what it can do for me!

Blog Improvements

Pages: Update “About Me” page with new information and photos. Add a subscription landing page.

Sidebar: Update “About Me” sidebar section and add a subscriber sign-up widget.

Maintenance: Disable pingback feature.

So there they are! Some are big, some are small, and to me, they are all important. I’ll be tracking all my future monthly goals here and you can find all of my blog-related posts here. I’d love for you to follow-along and learn from my successes AND my failures!

Anyone brave enough to share your blogging goals for next month? If so, let me know in the comments below!

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