BLOG GOALS | August 2017

Blogging Goals
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Let me tell you – writing down my goals has been a game changer. Last month I decided to publicly post my blogging goals for motivation (read it here). I also wrote my goals down the old fashioned way – as in, with pen and paper – and posted them on my office wall.

That means I had to stare at them. Every-single-day.

And guess what? I got SO MUCH DONE last month. More than I would have previously thought possible.

Turns out, seeing my written goals every day helped me say “yes” to things that would take me closer to reaching them, and “no” to things that would take me farther from them.

So I decided to take this experiment a little further and post my goals for the month of August. I’ll recap my successes (and failures) next month, along with my August income report.

Blogging Goals

Content / Creation Goals

Content: Write 1+ new blog posts a week. Last month I focused on quantity, this month I want to focus on quality. Included in this goal, I would like to write: one sponsored post, one affiliate post, and update one old post.

Create: Publish one specialty post (with a free download) and promote on television.

Traffic + Income Goals

Income: Earn $500 from my blog. Included in this goal, I would like to earn $100+ on freelance opportunities (through photography or design).

Pageviews / Analytics: Increase page views to 23,921 (a 30% increase from last August).

Social Media Goals

Facebook + Twitter: Post to Facebook and Twitter at least four times a week.

Instagram: Try Instagram’s live video feature and give a behind-the-scenes look to followers at least once a week.

E-mail List: Send out my first e-mail to my growing e-mail list. THIS IS A MUST DO!!

Blog Improvements

Pages: Finish my FAQ page. I’ve been working on this page for over a year, and it always gets pushed down my “to do” list. It’s definitely time to get this finished!

Branding: Update my Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and Online shop header photos. They don’t match right now and it’s a branding nightmare!

Maintenance: Pick and install a backup option. My blog is getting too big to not protect it!

Remember, I’ll be tracking all my future monthly goals here and you can find all of my blog-related posts here. I’d love for you to follow-along and learn from my successes AND my failures!

Anyone feel up to sharing their monthly goals?

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