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Income Report Who Arted
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Last month I shared my first monthly income report. And it was hard. Much harder than I thought it would be. Yet, here I am again this month – sharing all the highs and lows.  Although it’s a little less stressful this time around – it’s still not easy!

I always joke about suffering from Impostor Syndrome…but I think there’s a little truth to it. (You can read about Imposter Syndrome here.)

Anyway – I worked hard in July. Really, really, REALLY hard. August was a different story. I allowed myself to step back, look at the “Who Arted” big picture, and do some serious planning. I also gave myself permission to enjoy the last few weeks of summer with my kids. We went swimming. Read books. Walked – A LOT. And guess what? Somehow I made MORE money in August, than July. A lot more.

So let’s dig into the numbers…


*First: I warned you last month! My income varies SO MUCH from month to month. If you’re just a fellow blogger, know that this is normal! My goal is to get more consistent, while growing at the same time.*


  • Advertising – $101.78 total
  • Affiliate Income – $26.28 total
    • Amazon – $5.26
    • ShareASale – $21.02
  • Freelance Work – $125.00 total
    • Design – $25.00
    • Photography – $100
  • Sales – $612.93 total
    • PayPal Sales – $112.54
    • Shopify – $213.29
    • Teachers Pay Teachers – $287.10

Total: $865.99


  • Bank + Legal Fees – $7.58 total
    • Bank – $2.14
    • PayPal – $5.44
  • Post Supplies – $73.81 total
  • Programs – $136.95 total
    • ConvertKit – $29.00
    • CoSchedule – $19.00
    • Shopfiy – $29.00
    • TeachersPayTeachers (annual renewal) – $59.95
  • Software – $29.98 total
    • Adobe Photoshop / Lightroom – $9.99
    • Adobe Illustrator – $19.99

Total: $248.32

Making my net profit for the month of August $617.67. After posting my July income report, I got a few questions about what I *do* with my income. Here are the answers…

Q: Do you keep your business income separate from your personal income?
A: You bet! I set up a business checking account when I started my blog. All my income goes into it, and all expenses come out of it. I never mix personal and business income. (It’s like oil and water in my mind, they just do not mix.)

Q: How often do you “check” your accounts?
A: Daily. (<— That’s not a joke.) But I’m a numbers person and if I was on a deserted island I’d be perfectly content with an excel spreadsheet and a calculator. (And probably a nerdy pair of glasses, just to complete the look.) I like having my accounts up to date.

Q: What do you do with all of your income?
A: I hope you aren’t expecting a tantalizing answer…because, honestly – not much! I set aside 35% for taxes, and I set another 10% aside for giving. The remaining 55% I keep in my account for future expenses. (I told you – I’m booooring!)


August is a decent month for me. I usually get a lot of back to school traffic – and once again, I was honored to be featured by the Today website and Buzzfeed. (Sound super impressive, I know, but really it doesn’t equate to much traffic…)

Nevertheless, I had a 15% increase from last year at this time, so I’ll take it.

Traffic overview:

Income Report Who Arted

Top ten traffic sources:

Income Report Who Arted


This was the month I needed – a little down time and lots of planning! I, by no means, came close to achieving all of my goals, but I did plan out the next few months and I’m really happy with where I am!

Blogging Goals

Content / Creation Goals

Content: Write 1+ new blog posts a week. Last month I focused on quantity, this month I want to focus on quality. Included in this goal, I would like to write: one sponsored post, one affiliate post, and update one old post. Mark it off – this one is done! I did the bare minimum, but still, it was accomplished 🙂

Create: Publish one specialty post (with a free download) and promote on television. Another win! I created a “First Day of School” poster and even hosted my first giveaway!

Traffic + Income Goals

Income: Earn $500 from my blog. Included in this goal, I would like to earn $100+ on freelance opportunities (through photography or design). Yes, yes, and yes! I brought in over $800 and made $125 from freelance opportunities. The funny part is, I did nothing different. The opportunities were presented to me – I didn’t need to chase them. That’s a great feeling!

Pageviews / Analytics: Increase page views to 23,921 (a 30% increase from last August). Nope. I was 2,682 page views short. I really thought I’d make this one, too. Bummer.

Social Media Goals

Facebook + Twitter: Post to Facebook and Twitter at least four times a week. Nope. Not even close. I am terrified of social media. I’m really trying to overcome it, but it’s hard for me! If anyone has tips on getting over the fear of posting – PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!

Instagram: Try Instagram’s live video feature and give a behind-the-scenes look to followers at least once a week. YES!! I finally did it!! This has been my goal for the last two months, and I finally accomplished it!

E-mail List: Send out my first e-mail to my growing e-mail list. THIS IS A MUST DO!! I’m embarrassed to even answer this one. Because I failed. And it was an epic fail because I didn’t even try. I’ve had over 800 new subscribers in the last two months, and I feel this insane amount of pressure to make my first e-mail something spectacular. I just need to get over it – but that’s proving to be difficult for me.

Blog Improvements

Pages: Finish my FAQ page. I’ve been working on this page for over a year, and it always gets pushed down my “to do” list. It’s definitely time to get this finished! I’m soooooo close to finishing this! I actually got some new equipment and wanted to include it in the FAQ, so I’m in the process of editing the last few photos.

Branding: Update my Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and Online shop header photos. They don’t match right now and it’s a branding nightmare! Nope. Next month. I started, but got totally sidetracked by my first giveaway.

Maintenance: Pick and install a backup option. My blog is getting too big to not protect it! DING! DING! DING! We have one more winner! I did a bunch of research and am now protecting. Yaasss!

So August is now in the books. Lots of failed goals – but I’m trying – and I get points for that, right?

As a reminder, you can find my monthly blogging goals here, all of my income reports here, and all of my blog-related posts here. Feel free to sign up below and have all future income reports and blogging goal posts sent directly to your inbox!

How was your August?

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