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Blog Income Report, January 2018 Who Arted
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This was definitely a building month for me.

Historically, January tends to be a slow month – both in traffic and income. I imagine it’s partly because it follows the holiday season and not a lot of people are out spending money.

All that aside, I’m still really happy with the income I brought in.

Especially considering I made most of it while I was sleeping and didn’t have to lift a finger. That’s the beauty of blogging and bringing in a passive income, right?

I had a lot more expenses than I typically would this month. My printer broke, so I had to purchase a new one. I also purchased a new computer at the end of last year and needed to buy hardware and software to go with it.

Just know going into this, I did not make a profit this month. But that’s exactly why I save half of all my blogging income in a savings account. Because these things tend to happen. So let’s dig into the numbers, shall we?


Pretty normal stuff here in the income section. I did not do any freelance work this month. I was offered two graphic design gigs, but didn’t feel I had the adequate amount of time to devote to them. So I politely turned them down. No regrets, because it allowed me to really focus on my content and marketing plans for 2018.


  • Advertising – $50.95
  • Affiliate Income – $12.73
  • Freelance Work – $0.00
  • Sales – $247.08
    • PayPal Sales – $87.92
    • Shopify – $79.21
    • Teachers Pay Teachers – $79.95

Total: $310.76

I did try something new this month with my expenses…drum roll, please… I advertised on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. It’s way too early to tell if it made any difference, in fact, I haven’t even received my bill from Pinterest yet, but I’ll let you know if I see any trends on my next income report. (I’d love to know if anyone has advice on advertising on these social media platforms!)


  • Advertising – $5.88
    • Facebook / Instagram – $5.88
  • Bank + Legal Fees – $9.17
    • Bank – $2.14
    • PayPal – $7.03
  • Equipment – $240.18
  • Office Supplies – $42.79
  • Post Supplies – $210.86
    • Digital (Fonts / Graphics) – $4.00
    • Photos – $35.19
    • Printing – $23.15
    • Projects – $148.52
  • Programs – $97.00 total
    • ConvertKit – $49.00
    • CoSchedule – $19.00
    • Shopfiy – $29.00
  • Software – $69.98 total
    • Adobe Creative Cloud – $39.99
    • Quicken – $29.99

Total: $675.86

Making my net profit for the month of January –$365.10.

Even though I took a brief hiatus from posting income reports, I still received a few questions in my inbox. Here are the answers:

Q: Aren’t you hesitant about sharing your blogging income?
A: Not at all. I’ve never been weird about money. It’s necessary to grow my business. Nothing more, nothing less. Plus, I’m hoping it will help fellow bloggers – whether they’re just starting out, or have been on this journey for awhile.

Q: You mentioned you save 35% of your blogging income for taxes. How did you arrive at that number?
A: My father-in-law is a CPA? COO? (Some fancy acronym that has something to do with money.) That’s what he recommended, and he’s been helping businesses with their taxes for forty years, so I’m following his advice.


I did notice one new trend in my analytics this month. Look at the traffic graph below… WHAT IS IT WITH THURSDAYS?! I used to see a HUGE increase in traffic on Sunday evenings. But that has completely changed. Now, Sundays are one of my slowest days, and traffic steadily increases throughout the week and peaks on Thursdays. I thought that was pretty interesting, and a trend I’d never seen before (at least on my blog).

Traffic overview:

Blog Income Report, January 2018 Who Arted

Top ten traffic sources:

Blog Income Report, January 2018 Who Arted


No mind blowing takeaways this month. I’m excited about the future of Who Arted and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. Spoiler: I don’t dream small. 🙂

As a reminder, you can find my monthly blogging goals here, all of my income reports here, and all of my blog-related posts here. Feel free to sign up below and have all future income reports and blogging goal posts sent directly to your inbox!

Anybody feel like sharing how their January was?

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