INCOME REPORT | February 2018

Income Report

This month was an emotional roller coaster. I worked hard. Really, really, REALLY hard. And I didn’t see an increase in revenue.

I also did something risky this month: I was offered two freelance opportunities to make $2,000 of additional income… AND I TURNED THEM BOTH DOWN.

You may be shouting, “BECCA?! Are you stupid? What are you doing?!”

Let me explain.

The money would have been great, don’t get me wrong, but it would have taken up all of my free time. All of it. And I would have zero time left to work on my blog and other projects. And if the goal is to become a full-time blogger, shouldn’t that take precedence? (Please just nod your head here – I feel enough guilt!)

I may not have seen a big increase in revenue (which will eventually be the main goal!), but I did set up five new revenue streams for the future. I also grew my e-mail list (potential customers) by over 1,000 people! I’m definitely pushing a large rock up a steep hill, just waiting for the point where I can push it down and watch it take off!


So what did I make this month? Let’s dig in!


  • Advertising – $49.46
  • Affiliate Income – $15.21
  • Sales – $133.61
    • PayPal Sales – $22.99
    • Shopify – $37.62
    • Teachers Pay Teachers – $73.00

Total: $198.28

Not great, Bob. Definitely not enough for me to justify being a “full-time” blogger (even though I’m spending more than full-time hours working on it).

You may be wondering, “Are you shaking your head about turning down those two freelance opportunities?” Still no. Because the things I’m doing now are so important for the future success of my blog. They’re time consuming, and thankless, and downright difficult at times, but extremely necessary. And I’m glad I focused on them.


  • Advertising – $5.88
    • Facebook / Instagram – $5.88
  • Bank + Legal Fees – $9.17
    • Bank – $2.14
    • PayPal – $7.03
  • Programs – $97.00 total
    • ConvertKit – $49.00
    • CoSchedule – $19.00
    • Shopfiy – $29.00
  • Software – $39.99 total
    • Adobe Creative Cloud – $39.99

Total: $152.04

Making my net profit for the month of February $46.24. That was the hardest I’ve ever worked for $46.24.

I got one question last month after posting my income report:

Q: Have you noticed any dips in your Amazon affiliate income after the recent price changes?
A: Honestly, no. But that’s just me. As you can see above, Amazon affiliate links are not a big portion of my income. I will occasionally get a “big ticket” item, but it’s not very often. I have heard many other bloggers voice concerns over the revenue they’ll be losing, but I’m not on the same scale as they are. And it’s a great reminder to all entrepreneurs out there: while it’s great to have affiliate income, it’s also important to diversify you income streams. Try to offer your own products, be an affiliate, set up advertising, possibly offer freelance services – the more streams you have, the less you’ll be effected when changes like this happen. And the more control you’ll have over your income overall.


I did advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest this month and to be honest, I saw *zero* impact. Granted, I did not spend a ton of money on my ad, but I was still hoping to get at least *one* sale. Nope, nada. I’d love to hear your feedback if you’ve advertised through those channels. My experience was lackluster at best.

Traffic overview:

Income Report


Top ten traffic sources:

Income Report


“Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming…”

That’s all I got this month. Repeating the same mantra in my head so I can justify all of the time and effort I put into this blog I love.

As a reminder, you can find all my income reports here, and all of my blog-related posts here. Feel free to sign up below and have all future income reports and blogging goal posts sent directly to your inbox!

How was your February?

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