Birthday Countdown Envelopes

My father-in-law’s birthday is on February 15th. The poor guy gets overshadowed by Valentine’s Day every single year. So this year, we decided to make him a special “birthday bundle” to help count down to his big day! We started by labeling ten envelopes (one for each day) counting down […]


Six Creative Easter Ideas

These creative Easter ideas are fun for all ages! We have everything you need for a fun and unforgettable Easter celebration. Click on the links below for directions and more information. Starting with: Easter Egg Decorating for Infants and Toddlers! Or, try our Easter Egg Bath Hunt! (Guaranteed fun for any baby […]


Grow Your Own Easter Basket Grass!

It’s been one long winter. So long, I thought I’d never see grass growing again. With Easter just a few weeks away, I decided to put together a little project for my son. I wanted something hands-on to banish our winter blues. The end result:  we grew our own Easter grass! This project […]


Easter Bunny Envelopes

Any “bunny” would feel special getting an Easter treat inside these adorable envelopes! This quick project is simple enough for children, make great gifts for parents and grandparents and cost next to nothing! Here’s how to make your own: First, download our (free!) bunny ears template. It has everything you need to draw […]


Easter Cards and Envelopes 2014

This post contains affiliate links. I have a small obsession with sending mail. (Just ask my family and friends – I probably go overboard…) I can’t help myself. I love to decorate envelopes and surprise people! So for Easter this year, I decided to create a photo card. After days of […]


Cascarones… Confetti Eggs!

It all started the day before Easter in 2004. I was in college, minding my own business, when out of nowhere my roommate walked in, broke an egg over my head and yelled, “Happy Easter!” I looked down and found myself sitting in a pile of confetti. I had just […]